A-Tex Ultrajet Rotary Water Stripping Machine makes stripping emulsion from rotary screen easier, faster and greatly reduce worker workload to strip rotary screen. With controlled water pressure, your screen can last longer and minimize your cost. This machine can clean up to two screens at a time. It comes in two model to suit your need, 2500V and 3500V.

Model: 2500V                                                            3500V
Machine dimension: L 4500 x W 1480 x H 1700mm                  L 5500 x W 1480 x H 1700mm
Machine: Dual screen chamber, auto switch, zero setup time
Method: Use high pressure clean water to remove photo emulsion from rotary nickel screen surface
Function: Reclaim by stripping off emulsion to recycle rotary screen (re-use)
Max screen length: 2500mm (single turning), 3500mm (dual turning)
Repeat: 640, 720, 819, 918, 1018mm
Nozzle: 10 pieces SUS nozzles
Power requirement: 50HP 3 phase (4 wire + E), 380 ~ 415volt 50/60 Hz
Air supply: Minimum requirement 0.6~0.7Mpa (6~7bar)
System: High pressure intensifier; 6L capacity
Stripping unit: Two unit inverter motor for screen rotation and one unit inverter motor to drive nozzle head; One unit of Pneumatic head arm system
Operating pressure: Maximum 260 Mpa
Water consumption: 6 liter / minute; on operation 4L/minute
Electrical consumption: On operation 22KWH
Production: Average 10~13 minutes for rotary screen size 1980mm x 640mm (actual speed depending on photo emulsion type and polymerize)
Screen support arch: 2 set per size (max 3 size per machine)

1. End Ring Stripping machine

    • revolving base support 3 station
    • revolving disk support all size (accroding to type of end ring)
    • high pressure nozzle head
    • revolving motor, disk motor and nozzle motor
    • SUS body

2. End Ring remover stand (according to size), with lighting

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