A-Tex Ultramech Padding & Dryer Machine
Maximum Fabric Width:2200mm
Fabric Transport:Automatic edge sensor system
Dryer:Infra red light bulbs with minimum 3 level heat control
Fabric Receiver:Seperate control unit to allow work with padding machine or work as a stand alone unit
Dimension:420cm x 300cm x 130cm
Voltage:380v / 220v, 3 phase 4 lines & ground
Power Rating:18.5KW / 9.5KW

Mangle:Horizontal / vertical mangle
Material:Nitre rubber coated roller
Pressing:4 bar pneumatic control
Setting:Dual arm with material reflector sensor and move by vertical motor
Width control:Motorized drive
Main control:Online multiple motor inverter to synchronized main drive variator drive unit
Conveyor:Variator drive with SUS pin needle
Roll up:Counter weight with roll up motor
Width:1600mm media, minimum 900mm or 2200mm media, minimum 1100mm
Heating:Electrical quartz heater
Maximum temp:2500C
Lubricant:Oil with anti-crack oil container
Speed:30m to 240m/hr (min 10Hz ~ max 60Hz)
Productivity:Actual speed according to material thickness
Electricity:3 phase 55A/70A; isolator 80amp; heavy duty power connector
Structure:Powder coated with modular design
Paste tank:SUS vessel
Chamber:5 unit of heater from top dimension; 2 unit from bottom dimension and additional blower unit at output window
Expander:3 pin fabric expander on both arm
Panel:Button on both panel at feeding direction; Additional panel at take up direction
Heat control:Heat soft control module with PID temperature controller
Dimension P16:L 4465mm x W 2370mm x H 1270mm
Dimension P22:L 4465mm x W 2970mm x H 1270mm
Packing model P16:L 2230mm x W 2640mm x H 1660mm – paddle unit
:L 2230mm x W 2640mm x H 1660mm – conveyor unit
:L 680mm x W 2640mm x H 1330mm – take up unit
Packing model P22:L 2230mm x W 3120mm x H 1660mm – paddle unit
:L 2230mm x W 3120mm x H 1660mm – conveyor unit
:L 680mm x W 3120mm x H 1330mm – take up unit
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