A-Tex Ultrajet Flatbed Blu-ray Engraver is available in 4 different model, varies by different printing dimension and screen size, is equipped with 405nm of laser light source, and option of 32, 48, 64, 96 or 128 laser diode. Option to choose printing resolution for A-Tex Ultrajet Flatbed Blu-ray Engraver are 600dpi, 720dpi, 1200dpi, 1440 and 2880dpi.

Top View
Side View
Front View
Print method:Scan and pass
Multiple screen:Support
Laser light source:LD/LED 405nm
Lens option:Maximum 64 arrays
Screen support:Aluminium profile rail and flexible to any size
Adjustment:Head and focus
Repeat accuracy:0.01mm
Readable file:Tiff
Interface:USB 2.0 data card
Control panel:Computer with Windows 10 OS, touch screen monitor
Electric power:240V AC +/-10%
X direction:Close Loop design, servo motor and optical encoder
Y direction:Close loop, servo motor with optical encoder, linear magnetic motor
Electronic:Multilayer motherboard, LED data and USB board, UV power board (DAC), LED amplifier board, differentiate and convertor board
RIP:A-Tex UltraPrint RIP GUI with process color support
Cooling system:Electronic cooling system
Operating environment:20°C to 25°C with 45% – 55% humidity
Standard:CE standard
Structure:Robust design; Precision fabrication
Model:B0907LD       S1914LD        S1924LD       SM3414LD      L3434LD
Image size (mm):900×700       1900×1400      1900×2200      3400×1400      3400×3400
Screen size (mm):1300×950      2500×1700      2300×2800      3860×1700      3700×3860
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