A-Tex Ultrajet Rotary Blu-ray Engraver is equipped with 405nm of laser light source, Y direction is fixed with linear encoder and linear motor on ball screw and option of 8, 16, 32, 48 or 64 laser diode, is capable to plot at speed of 2-15min/screen, depending on printing resolution. Available printing resolution is 1440dpi.

Model: V2500LD                                        V3500LD
Plot length: 2200mm (86”)                                   3200mm (126”)
Screen size: 2500mm (98”)                                   3500mm (137”)
Machine dimension: 4075mm(L) x 950mm(W) x 1625mm(H)             5075mm(L) x 950mm(W) x 1625mm(H)
Speed: 2 to 15 min/screen, depending on printing resolution & emulsion
Printing method: Spiral print (high speed)
Laser light source: LD / LED 405nm Blu-ray
Optical resolution: 1440dpi
Total nos of LD: 16, optional 32 or 48
Printing resolution: 1440dpi
Repeat: 640mm, 725mm, 820mm, 914mm or 1018mm
Repeat accuracy: 0.01mm
Head adjustment: Auto head adjustment to repeat circumference diameter
Readable file: Tiff format
Interface: USB 2.0 data card
Control panel: Touch screen
X rotation: Close loop design, rotary position precision encoder feedback with servo motor encoder
Y direction: Linear encoder, linear motor on ball screw
Electronic: Multilayer motherboard, USB 2 .0 data and daughter card, LD head board, differential board and reader board
Electric power: 240V AC +/- 10%
X & Y drive: AC servo motor
RIP: A-Tex UltraPrint
Cooling system: Air cooling/water cooling
Operating environment: 20°C to 25°C with 65% – 75% humidity
Compressed air: Minimum 6.00 bar (supply by buyer)
Computer: Latest processor, Windows 10 OS with touch screen monitor
Structure: Robust design; Precision fabrication
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