A-Tex Ultrajet DPM-4H is utilizing drop-on-demand Micro Piezo Inkjet Technology, available in three different model with fabric width of 1.8m, 2.6m or 3.2m each. All models are equipped with constant pressure for secondary damper / sub ink tank, refillable bulk ink with filter.

Side View
Top View
Model:DPM1800-4H; DPM2600-4H; DPM3200-4H
Print head:4 pcs of piezo head
Color combination:4 or 8 color combination
Greyscale:3 level greyscale
Carriage speed:400mm/sec
Printing width:1800mm; 2600mm; 3200mm
Blanket width:1835mm; 2635mm; 3235mm
Ink type:Textile reactive, acid, disperse and pigment ink
Ink supply:2L bottle with tube pump and filter, 32 channels
Ink buffer:Negative pressure with secondary buffer module
Ink system:Left and right supply
Ink indication:On display panel
Head cleaning:By individual suction cleaning station
Wiper:Rotation wiper
Interface:USB 2.0
Entry:Up to 100m anti-wrinkle and tension adjustment
Material feed:Adhesive blanket with rubberized pressing roller by pneumatic control
Dryer:Up to 50oC, PTC heater
Display:Touch screen
Control:Motherboard to PLC
Drive:Servo drive on both X & Y axis
Transmission:SUS belt with crowning pulley
Side track:Auto adjusted by sensor detection 5mm allowance
Belt cleaning:Build in washing unit with sponge roller, 40L water tank
RIP:A-Tex RIP with Ultrajet DPM-4H driver
Electronic:Multi-layer mother board, USB and firing board
Electrical:415VAC, +/-10%, 50Hz / 60Hz
Resolution:720x180dpi, 720x360dpi, 720x540dpi, 720x720dpi, 720x1440dpi, 720x2880dpi
Passes:1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 16 passes
Speed (m2/hr) & mode*:90 (draft mode), 45 (production mode), 30 (high quality mode), 22 (fine mode), 11 (super fine mode), 6 (ultra fine mode)
Capacity (m2/hr)*:10 up to 45m2/hr
Operating environment:25°C with 65-75% humidity
Compressed air:6 bar (supply by buyer)
Structure:Robust design; State of art
* 8 color mode
* Figure may change according to print environment setting
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