A-Tex Ultrajet DPM-K8 All Paper is the solution for digital printing for all paper from jumbo rolls, that equipped with 8 print heads and printing width of 1830mm. This printer is furnished with eco dryer and selection of printing resolution are 600x300dpi, 600x600dpi, 600x1200dpi, 600x1800dpi, 1200x1200dpi or 1200x1800dpi.

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Category : Small
Model : DPM-K8
Line of head : 2
Print head : 8
Color combination : 4 color
Capacity : 200 – 400m2/hr
Printing width : 1830mm
Blanket width : 1875mm
Carriage speed : 900mm/sec – 1250mm/sec
Greyscale : 5 level greyscale with jetting volume of 5, 7, 12 or 18pl per line / head
Firing frequency : 20 / 30Khz
Carriage control : Magnetic transmission heavy duty linear motor on Y, with zero vibration
Blanket movement : Servo drive
Ink supply : Individual color channel with cleaning liquid circulation system
Ink control : Air generated positive and negative pressure
Ink indication : Display on touch panel
Ink type : Sublimation and special pigment decorative ink
Filter : Degassing and LCF filter
Cleaning station : Ultrajet air suction cleaning (Patent no:PI2014000707, pending US patent)
Display : 10” touch panel
Interface : Express PCI and fiber optic
Control : Modbus (motherboard to PLC)
RIP : UltraPrint Queue, support UltraPrint RIP, TexPrint RIP and NeoStampa RIP
Electronic : PCIe, Plane Board, USB & HDB
Electrical : 415V/3phase, working 20amp, isolator 30amp
Passes : 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 16 passes, support layer print
Washing unit : SUS washing tank with brush and sponge, modular design
Side track : 1mm
Compressed air : 6 bar (supply by buyer)
Operation environment : 20°C – 25°C with 65% – 75% humidity
Print resolution : 600 x 300dpi, 600 x 600dpi, 600 x 1200dpi, 600 x 1800dpi, 1200 x 1200dpi, 1200 x 1800dpi
Structure : Robust design; State of art
Structure : Robust design
Media : Air shaft, 300mm diameter paper
Tension control : Motor release media with tension unit
Step control : Step tension control unit adjusted to passes print
Centering : 2 rubberised centering roller unit
Online : Online control from print unit
Roller : Bubble free cross cut roller
Panel : On module button panel
Model : Eco dryer
Heater : Hot air circulation
Roller : Teflon coated roller
Temperature : Thermometer control
Online : Online control from print unit
Panel : On module button control
Structure : Robust design
Winding : Centering auto adjust to follow media edge
Media : Air shaft, 300mm diameter
Roller : Bubble free cross cut roller
Tension control : Motor winding media with tension unit
Sensor : Precision edge sensor control
Online : Online control from print unit
Panel : On module button control & sensor panel
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