A-Tex Ultrajet Flatbed Inkjet Engraver is the fastest flat screen engraver in the world. Equipped with the best piezo print head in the industry, and supported with the highest quality movement components, A-Tex Ultrajet Flatbed Inkjet Engraver achieves unequalled speed while maintaining an exceptional high print quality. A-Tex Ultrajet FlatBed Inkjet Engraver is available in 6 standard models – B1212E, B1225E, B1612E, S1625E, M3225E and L3234E, varies by different print dimension and different screen size.

Speed : max 800 mm/sec
Room temperature : 20°C to 25°C
Humidity : 65% – 75%
Print head : New Ultrajet 1440 nozzle print head
Print resolution : 360 x 360dpi, 360 x 720dpi, 720 x 720dpi & 1440 x 720dpi
Exposing unit : Optional UV 3000 watt
Cleaning station : Automatic head cleaning system with wiper
Ink supply system : Auto pump & filter System
Interface : USB 2 data card
Control panel : On PC
Electrical power : 240V AC +/-10%
Structure : Robust design
Electronic : Multilayer motherboard, USB 2 data & daughter card, Ultrajet print head-board, and differential board
Compartment : Ink compartment, electrical & electronic control compartment
X & Y motor : DC / AC motor with high resolution encoder
Step & repeat : Auto-step & repeat, support multiple screen
Start – up kits : 2 screen holder
RIP : A-Tex UltraPrint
Indicator : Ink supply & waste ink
ModelPrint DimensionScreen Size
B1212E1390 X 1400 mm1590 X 1900 mm
B1612E1860 X 1400 mm2090 X 1900 mm
S1225E1390 X 2700 mm1590 X 3200 mm
S1625E1860 X 2700 mm2090 X 3200 mm
M3225E3460 X 2700 mm3690 X 3200 mm
L3234E3460 X 3600 mm3690 X 4100 mm
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