A-Tex Ultrajet Rotary Inkjet Engraver is the fastest rotary screen engraver in the world. Equipped with the best piezo print head in the industry, supported with highest quality movement components, A-Tex Ultrajet Rotary Inkjet Engraver achieves unequalled speed while maintaining an exceptional high printing quality.

Model : V2500E-1          V3500E-1
Plot length : 2200mm (86”)      3200mm (126”)
Screen size : 2500mm (98”)      3500mm (137”)
Speed : 1 to 5 min per-screen, depending on print resolution
Print method : Step Print (high quality), Layer Print (smooth tone), Spiral Print (high speed)
Room temperature : 20°C to 25°C
Humidity : 65% – 75%
Print head : New Ultrajet 1440 nozzle print dead
Print resolution : 360 x 360dpi, 360 x 720dpi, 720 x 720dpi & 1440 x 720dpi
Compressed air : Minimum 4.00 bar
Circumference / repeat : 640, 820, 914 & 1018mm, optional 720mm
Head adjustment : Auto head adjust to circumference diameter
Exposing unit : Online UV exposing unit
Cleaning station : Automatic head cleaning system with wiper
Ink supply system : Auto-pumping & filter system, sub-tank & gravity damper
Interface : USB 2.0 data card
Control panel : Touch panel
Electrical power : 240V AC +/- 10%
Structure : Robust design
Electronic : Multilayer motherboard, USB 2.0 data & daughter card, Ultrajet print head-board & differential board
Compartment : Ink compartment, electrical & air valve, electronic control compartment
X drive : Close loop AC servo motor
Y drive : Close loop AC servo motor / DC motor
Repeat : Auto-repeat close (circumference – X) according to various repeat, no-Gap & good strip effect with step print
Rip : A-Tex UltraPrint
Indicator : Ink supply & waste ink
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