A-Tex Ultrajet MP-T is equipped with 4 pcs of piezo head, 4 level greyscale, with option of 4 or 8 color combination, capable of printing on garment, T-shirt, cut piece, leather, corrugated box and shawl. This machine is design specially for pigment ink, with high flexibility pallet size and easy movable pallets with trolley.

Top View
Side View
Model:DPM1800-4H; DPM2600-4H; DPM3200-4H
Print head:4 pcs of piezo head
Color combination:4 or 8 color combination
Greyscale:3 level greyscale
Print head:4 pcs of piezo head, with 1440 nozzles on each print head
Color combination:4 or 8 color combination
Greyscale:4 level greyscale
Printing table:Head adjustable, with 10mm allowances
Printing table size:1320mm (L) x 2235mm (w)
Pallet size:Customizable
Trolley conveyor:Front and rear
Printing material:Garment, T-shirt, cut piece, leather, corrugated box, shawl
Ink supply:2L bottle with tube pump and filter, 32 channels
Ink buffer:Negative pressure with secondary buffer module
Ink indication:On display panel
Ink type:Pigment dye
Head cleaning:By individual suction cleaning station
Interface:USB 2.0
Control:Motherboard to PLC
Electrical:415VAC, +/-10%, 50Hz / 60Hz
Electronic:Multi-layer mother board, USB and firing board
Resolution:360x720dpi, 720x720dpi, 720x1440dpi, 1440x1440dpi
Passes:1, 2, 3, 4, 8 passes
RIP:A-Tex RIP with Ultrajet MP driver, support multiple pallets
Operating environment:25°C with 65-75% humidity
Machine size:4930mm (L) x 3750mm (W) x 1325mm (H)
Structure:Robust design; State of art
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